Future Foams have a range of foam grades for a variety of applications. We are happy to assist you in selecting the correct grade for your requirements. Our foam grades are listed below, the code is displayed as the first number is the density and then the second number is the hardness of the foam.

What is density?
The density which is measured in kilos per cubic meter and is an indication of the weight of the foam and how much chemical is used to produce the foam. It is therefore related to cost and longevity. As a general rule, higher density foams last longer than lower density foams but are more expensive to produce.

What is Hardness?
The hardness or ‘feel’ of the foam is measured in Newtons and is easiest characteristic to recogonise in the retail market. In lay-mans terms, the softer the feel the lower the hardness, the firmer the feel the higher the hardness.

Standard Foams – 1 Year Guarantee

15-60 (white) Low density flexible foams are designed for low load bearing applications like back foams.

16-100 (white) Another in the low density flexible foams range with a variety of applications other than seating.

19-130 (Pale Grey) An all purpose standard foam which can be used for a variety of applications. This grade is not considered suitable for seating applications as the qualtity is too low.

Medium Foams – 5 Year Guarantee 

20-40 (white) The softest of our flexible foams and specifically designed for soft back applications.

23-130 (grey) General purpose flexible foam grade ideal for a variety of applications as well as budget seating applications.

26-160 (white) A firmer seating grade ideal for cushioning that needs to be firmer than normal.

Evolution Foams – 10 Year Guarantee

25-60 (white) A good quality back flexible foam with superior quality to the standard 15-60 back foam grade.

28-80 (yellow) Premium foam suitable for Backs, Pillows and Soft Furniture

29-200 (white) A firm polyurethane flexible foam for firm commercial seating. Ideal for bench style seats where the cushioning tends to be thinner than domestic cushioning.

30-130 (yellow) A premium seating foam that is recommended for good quality seating.

30-100 (pale yellow) A premium seating foam that offers the same quality as grade 30-130 above, however, this grade is a little softer (100 newtons) allowing you to sink further into the seat.

31-320 (white) A commercial grade foam for applications which require a very firm foam.

32-140FR (green) A commercial grade foam for good quality seating with a fire retardant.

Quantum Foams – Lifetime Guarantee

Quantum 85 Soft (Light Purple) This flexible foam is the best quality we manufacture and as a Quantum foam carry a lifetime guarantee (15 years). It represents the best seating foam you can buy, offering a luxurious seating feel. The grade offers a softer hardness (80-90 newtons) than the traditional Quantum, which allows you to sink further into the seat.

Quantum 130 Medium (Purple) This flexible foam is the best quality we manufacturer and as a Quantum foam carry a lifetime guarantee (15 years). It represents the best seating foam you can buy, offering a luxurious feel. This grade offers a typical hardness (125-130 newtons) for seating.

Quantum 210 FR Firm (Blue) This foam is the best quality we manufacture and as a  Quantum foam carry a lifetime guarantee. This foam is a 38kg density (like all Quantum foams) and is used for firm seating. The grade is Fire Retardant for commercial applications that require a firm FR foam. This grade offers a typical hardness ( 205 – 215 newtons) for seating. If you are looking for the best, as we say ” The best seat in the house”, then this is it.

Memory Foams – 15 Year Guarantee

Gel Memory (Blue) Gel Memory Foam is the latest technology in Memory Foams. The foam has an infusion of energy absorbing gel particles which provide greater support than conventional memory foams. The advanced gel particles also take longer to heat up, ensuring a greater comfort level.

Outdoor Foams – 10 Year Guarantee

Reticulated Foam (Yellow)- Allows water to pass straight through the foam unlike standard foam. Recommended for outdoor seating applications where the cushions are exposed to the elements.

Air Filter Foams – 10 Year Guarantee

Air Filter 35 (Dark Grey) – Allows air flow through the foam. Perfect foam for Speakers and Air Filters.

It is important to note that there are significant differences between our flexible foams and the other manufacturers in the marketplace.

Flexible FoamsSome foam companies use fillers in their manufacturing process, giving an artificial density. Our density is an absolute density which benefits the foam by giving it thicker cell walls resulting in the flexible foam lasting longer.

Our flexible foams cell structure is more irregular than traditional long line foams which in simple terms gives the foam better load bearing qualities. Instead of the foam having consistent regular thickness cell walls, our foams will have an irregular pattern, including some cell walls that are thicker. This characteristic improves the performance of the foam.

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