Future Foams has a range of foams suitable for gymnasiums and indoor play centers.

Foam Cubes

Future Foams can custom make foam cubes for your business. We have a range of colours and sizes available.

MOQ is 1092 cubes of 150x150x150mm.

Packs of cubes come supplied in a parcel size of 336 cubes per parcel.

Parcel dimensions are 1800x1050x600mm  and weigh 22 kilos each.

Foam Padding

Closed cell polyethylene foam pads are a perfect product for wall and equipment padding. With a 28kg density, these fire retardant pads are the perfect option to protect people from hurting them selves on hard objects. Sheets are 2000 x 1000 x 50 mm and are black in colour.

Yes, we can ship to different states in Australia.