Hot Wire Table KD-6

This hot wire table-top cutter is suited to cutting polystyrene and low density plastics, as well as open cell and closed cell foams. The 0.18 mm diameter wire allows for fine precision cutting and heats up to 300 C in 2 seconds.

Marked measurements on the platform, and an adjustable guide bar assist in accuracy for straight, and angled cutting. Wire angle is adjusted by rotating the supporting bar left or right in the grooved slot. A block-mounted locating pin allows for cutting of circles and cylinders.

Suitable for model making, art projects, and for use in schools and universities.

Cutting height is up to 145 mm, with reach up to 200 mm. Spare wire is included on the spool at the top of the arm. Platform dimensions are 380 x 280 mm.

Input Power: 240V; Output DC Power: 10V, 18 watts.