polystyrene food eskiPolystyrene ice boxes are a perfect solution to keeping your perishable items at a constant temperature.

Perfect for the food and medical industry, these boxes are a low cost item with approval for domestic and export transportation of foods.

Ice Box Dimensions

ProductExternal DimensionsInternal Dimensions
6 Pack Esky 4.8 L270 x 182 x 212 (h) mm230 x 150 x 140 (h) mm
Broccolini Box 12.8 L385 x 290 x 176 (h)mm346 x 253 x 146 (h) mm
Medical Box 16.5 L313 x 418 x 275 (h) mm235 x 340 x 207 (h) mm
Export Box 42.5 L570 x 382 x 276 (h) mm535 x 345 x 230 (h) mm
Lobster Box 43 L604 x 410 x 260 (h) mm558 x 367 x 210 (h) mm

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