Future Foams is committed in being proactive to reduce our impact upon the environment.

Apart from minimising our off-cuts, our excess polyurethane foam is compacted into bales and sent to Melbourne where it is manufactured into carpet underlay.

Polystyrene is an inert product that doesn’t break down in the environment, so all care should be taken, for it not to end up in land fill. Please contact Claw Environmental for your polystyrene recycling requirements.

Claw Environmental

Founded in 2003, Claw Environmental provides a recycling solution for the end users of all plastic polymer types in Perth, Western Australia.  In late 2004, Claw Environmental was appointed EPS Collection Centre for Western Australia by the EPSA.

All EPS material collected and recycled at the site is exported and used in the manufacture of new end products such as synthetic timber for use in picture frames and architrave features, stationery products as well as plant pots and coat hangers.

Claw Environmental offers both a collection service (for end users with large volumes of EPS scrap) and a drop-off service (during business hours only).  Please note that service fees may be apply – for more information please contact Claw Environmental directly at the details listed below.

Contact details:

5 Forge Street, Welshpool WA 6106

Phone: (08) 9333 4888

Web: www.clawenvironmental.com