polyurethaneFuture Foams supplies polyurethane foam slabs for various applications. Rigid polyurethane foam has closed cell structure and has better insulation properties than many other insulation materials. It is widely used in building cold rooms and for insulation of piping and tanks in industrial / mining applications. Heat generated from curing fibreglass does not affect polyurethane foam thus enabling fibreglass lamination.
Polyurethane foam is also widely used for marine buoyancy. One cubic metre of 35kg/M³ polyurethane foam would have a positive buoyancy of 965kg. Rigid polyurethane foam is used extensively by sculptors and artisans to create shapes as it can be easily carved, sanded in to difficult shapes quickly.
Full block is 600mm high. You can order any thickness up to 600mm.
o Must wear goggles, gloves, dust mask and protective clothing
o R Value calculations is for PIR 45kg at 1 for every 21.5mm thickness
o R Value calculations is for PU 35kg at 1 for every 23mm thickness
o Termite, White ant and mould proof
o No water absorption
o Compressive Strength @ 10% deformation is 360kg
o PIR is classified as Fire Resistance group 2. PIR will still burn but self extinguishes. PUR is not fire resistant at all.
o Does not emit ozone depleting gasses
o 1 to 2 week lead time required
o Can be cut with a handsaw. Can be provided in cut lengths in sheet size quantities