WAFMA Logo• Imported lounges don’t comply with “Australian Standards” strict quality specifications.

• Locally made lounge seating uses the very best quality foams available, and come with a Lifetime Guarantee (15 Years), with the Foam manufacturer replacing it if faulty.

• Imported lounges come with no Guarantee.

• You cannot see or know what quality foams are used in imported lounges.

• Locally made Lounges are made with removable cushions, for easy replacement.

• Imported Lounges have fixed seating, so individual cushions cannot be changed.

• Local Lounge Manufacturers and Upholsterers will not repair imported lounges.

• Australian Bureau of Statistics Surveys suggest that 70% of people who bought an imported lounge, would not do so again.

• Quite simply locally manufactured Lounge suites are better than imported Lounge suites!

• So why wouldn’t you support local Lounge Manufacturer’s?