IMG_2387Future Foams have developed two seat cushioning foams that carry a Ten Year Warranty. They are called ‘Evolution’ Foams.

Both these foams are produced with a minimum density of 30kg/m3 and have two hardness ratings measured in Newtons.

What is density?
The density which is measured in Kgm3 is an indication of the weight of the foam and how much chemical is used to produce the foam. It is therefore related to cost and longevity. As a general rule, higher density foams last longer than lower density foams but are more expensive to produce.

What is Hardness?
The hardness or ‘feel’ of the foam is measured in Newtons and is easiest characteristic to recognise in the retail market. In lay-mans terms, the softer the feel the lower the hardness, the firmer the feel the higher the hardness.

Hardness has little bearing on the cost of the foam and from the two ‘Evolution’ examples below you can see we have two foams of the same density (30Kgm3) but two different hardness ratings of 100 and 130 Newtons. However, the cost of these foams is the same as the density is the same.

‘Evolution’ 30-100 Pale Yellow
This foam is designed to be used in seat cushions from 135mm to 175mm in thickness. It has a medium-soft feel but still provides the support required to last the ten years.

‘Evolution’ 30-130 Yellow
This foam is used in seat cushions from 110mm to 150mm in thickness where a firmer seat is required. It has a medium firm feel which becomes more evident as the cushion thickness increases.

The ‘Evolution’ Guarantee
Future Foams guarantees its Evolution cushioning range (Minimum density of 30kg/m3) for a period of 10 years from the date of original purchase.

Future Foams will repair or replace any seat cushion foams which is covered by our guarantee which we deem to be defective.

This guarantee does not extend to or cover foam cushions which in Future Foams opinion are worn by excessive wear and tear or have been damaged or rendered defective by negligence, abuse and misuse or have been used on an unsuitable platform.