Foam Skins are foam with a hard surface on one side and soft on the other. It is formed during the foaming process as the foam rises. It rises like a loaf of bread and this is the crust.

Has many different applications.

Perfect as replacement inserts for swags or to be used on top of fold out camping beds.  The hard surface stops rising damp from penetrating the foam while protect you from feeling the sticks and stones while the soft surface offers comfort.

Have a slat bed frame that is uncomfortable? A Foam skin in between your mattress and the wooden slats is great help to alleviate that discomfort.

Sizes Available: Narrow Single 1830 x 650 mm, Single 1880 x 910 mm, King Single 2040x 1040 mm, Double 1880 x 1370 mm, Queen 2040 x 1530 mm, King 2040 x 1830 mm.

Also used as a cheap alternative indoor sound reduction panel, the open cell nature of the foam absorbs sounds, a cheap option for the new drum room in the garage.

We can glue the skin to a rigid polystyrene sheet to create a sound reduction panel for window bays. Perfect for people who need sleep during the day or to reduce the volume from the noisy neighbour.

Moving house? Our Side Skins are a great way of protecting your furniture from damage when relocating.

Thicknesses, Densities and Colours vary. 30mm to 50mm thick